Data Management Platform

Data Management Platform (DMP)

Our Solomon’s Key

The team of Analytix Mantra, over a period of 15+ years, has developed an in-house Data Management Platform (DMP), completely dedicated for Indian markets. The DMP is a centralized platform that aggregates first- and third-party audience data from cross-channel marketing efforts to create a consolidated depository of high quality prospects for analysis and segmentation.


First Party Data

First-party data is customer information generated through your website, mobile app, or social pages. The information collected includes names, email addresses, physical addresses, contact numbers, demographic information, and behavioral information, such as interactions, buying history, interests, etc. We store first-party data in a CRM or web analytics system, and you are the exclusive owner of the database with the right to obtain the information for free.

Third Party Data

Third-party data, used to define consumer segments and create acutely targeted ads, is any information generated from Internet interactions and third-party websites. This information is used to round out first-party data, giving deeper insights about target audiences, such as individual demographics (income level, marital status) and household attributes (number of children). Third-party data must be purchased, as it is collected and licensed by third-party providers.

Cross Channel Marketing

Cross-channel marketing, also called “multi-channel” or “cross-device” marketing, implies promoting your products or services using multiple channels, which may include website, pay-per-click advertising, email marketing, social media marketing, mobile app marketing, and offline touch points (direct mail, retail store, TV, radio). Cross-channel marketing exposes an audience to a business in different mediums, thereby providing multiple avenues of conversion.

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