About Us


We always bring churned high -quality prospects for analysis and segmentation for the audience as well as business companies to maintain a bridge of trust and security. Our motto is always to meet a genuine customer to a genuine business company. Our bulk SMS services play a vital and great role in putting reminder to the customers about the company from time to time as well as approach fast for the latest updates and information about the business company.

‘Analytix Mantra Pvt. Ltd.’ is helping create awareness about the transactional SMS and every banking alert first to its customers. The company has a great effort in putting the gates a barricade for hackers and intruders getting into somebody’s transaction page. We as a company serves the best of OTP services by allowing only genuine payment and transactions with security and SMS alert as well customer support for any assistance at any instance.

‘Analytix Mantra Pvt. Ltd.’ is always a step ahead in smart use of technology and tools for the benefit of its associated business companies for an effective market approach.

About Our Company

‘Analytix Mantra Pvt. Ltd.’ is a team of an advanced data analysts, researchers, campaign managers, and powerful resources for the market to bring an evolution in bringing business identity of the respective domain. The technology is superfast with phones and our effort is to make smart phones a device manager for business campaigns and promotions. Business, security, alert and, every other prospective in business is our promise to overcome every threat and give the best deal.

‘Analytix Mantra Pvt. Ltd.’ is a researcher in providing bulk SMS services and opening a platform for affordable mass communication platform for every business organization using social media and securing identities with OTP verification services. Threats and lots more come across the way of social media and e-commerce business but we are sorted with all these business threats with our services.

Our specialization in e-mail marketing and SMS marketing delivers the third party assurance of the first party. Our deep research and analysis expertise us in the identification of the first parties and analyzing the data of the third parties for targeting genuine audiences and flow an influential marketing campaign. Our team helps in critical business analysis and has a genuine e-mail I’d verified for fulfilling the purpose of one- to -many and many- to- many.

SMS marketing by ‘Analytix Mantra Pvt. Ltd.’ is another mantra for securing a business. The potential of SMS is very strong to make a business company noted as genuine as well as strong communication with the third party with minimum investment resources. Our team has worked to collect more than one billion databases of customers for sending a message and deploying secure and service messages over these targeted phone numbers. As the market is full of threats and competition in business our working license from telecommunication network companies helps us in our respective department for providing services like SMPP and verify OTP.

‘Analytix Mantra Pvt. Ltd.’ works in different segments as a first party, second party and, third party for different stages. Our campaign management team cross- checks the identification of businesses and customers to operate and start with the promised services. Data collection and collecting database information for different segmentations and using this collective information for further sending SMS chosen as a targeted audience makes the promotion venture of a business successful.

Turn the table into favor of a business company with the opportunities as a service of ‘Analytix Mantra Pvt. Ltd.’ to get closer with the customers and establish a trusted network. We do care about the privacy policy of customers so our effort is to channel the business approach more smartly without intruding on any of the personal data information and privacy policies.

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