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OTP SMS API is a Secure Process for Password Authentication

Risk and trust are the two factors in business and when it is about trusting online business or e-commerce business it becomes a factor of trust issue for the market. News about online fraud, scams, phishing, and others are shaking the trust of people towards the company and their policy about the security of data and any kind of money transactions.

OTP SMS API is now proven a great help in cross – checking passwords and allows access to genuine and authenticated users only. An OTP alert is a message on a personal number and valid for only a few minutes and gives access to genuine users only.

Passwords and alternatives

The internet is now part of each person’s world and so it has many factors to be properly used. The very and first thing to consider is the password. Managing passwords is very important if you are logging in as a customer or choosing any online commercial business. Passwords are access gates to websites or any online business companies but the validation of passwords becomes more important for secure logging.

OTP SMS for passwords and transactional SMS API by OTP SMS service providers are considered best and trusted for genuine check-in and make transactions. 2 Factor authentication method, becomes another factor for gaining trust over the company for every access and easy use.

‘Analytix Mantra’ an SMS service provider is a one- stop solution to your every problem and now, it is making a difference in making businesses a more trustworthy and easy to access gateway for users.

WhatsApp is a platform for emerging market business

WhatsApp as is known for social media, but it is now considered as a marketing tool for business. The companies are registering themselves over WhatsApp and makes easy contact with the customers. Customers too find an easy solution to all their queries and issues over WhatsApp chat so it has now become a trend in marketing strategy for influencing business and approach towards the market.

‘Analytix Mantra’ is helping business companies emerge and grow with an influential strategy for the market. In this changing evolution of technology, it has become very important to create and maintain a balance between the customer with the brand business companies.

Choosing business over the internet and availing its service for secure log-in and secure check-out. ‘Analytix Mantra’ is a trusted company for the solution of OTP services to business companies

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