The game of an OTP is an assurance of security and secure services over the internet

“A person was bankrupted by some random calls and again it is a big question over the security of internet users”; every day we hear or read such kind of news which makes us feel are we safe using internet. Yes, we are if are properly aware of each segment of online banking or using any e-commerce business websites.

Hackers and phishers are always keeping an eagle eye to crack a mistake and nab hard earned money. Technology is just like a boon to make our work easier and choose smart in using and accessing the technology.

Analytix Mantra brings a solution of VFY OTP (2 FA)

OTP is a secure identity in the world of technology evolved and assures secure logging and benefiting services over the internet. One-time-password is a generated short id with a digital number just like the cherry on the cake helping customers to secure browsing of e-commerce business or net banking.

Every customer registers their mobile number as personal data information over the e-commerce websites and banking portals. OTP alert is always sent to the registered mobile number for permission to access of accessing the account either to open the online shopping portal or banking portal.

Analytix Mantra brings VFY OTP (2 FA) for secure access and two- way verification. Once the OTP will be sent if a customer wants to enter the online shopping portal or any website, the second OTP will be sent again if a person is opening the payment portal and unless the exact numbers are provided, the access will not be granted to enter the page.

Step- to- step verification is a secure process

Internet business is a trust game for customers. The more and more secure platform a business module will serve the customers will be genuinely satisfying. Analytix Mantra helps businesses get step- to- step verification with OTP to gain top security assurance by the customers and encourage online businesses.

Make your business secure with OTP services

The promising factor today in every online business and e-commerce business website is security. ‘Analytix Mantra’ acts like a mentor for providing services to companies for making their online business successful and secure for the users. Promising services by ‘Analytix Mantra’, is for developing and promoting e-commerce business and online businesses to another level of the secure business portal for the customers.

OTP SMS API is a Secure Process for Password Authentication

Risk and trust are the two factors in business and when it is about trusting online business or e-commerce business it becomes a factor of trust issue for the market. News about online fraud, scams, phishing, and others are shaking the trust of people towards the company and their policy about the security of data and any kind of money transactions.

OTP SMS API is now proven a great help in cross – checking passwords and allows access to genuine and authenticated users only. An OTP alert is a message on a personal number and valid for only a few minutes and gives access to genuine users only.

Passwords and alternatives

The internet is now part of each person’s world and so it has many factors to be properly used. The very and first thing to consider is the password. Managing passwords is very important if you are logging in as a customer or choosing any online commercial business. Passwords are access gates to websites or any online business companies but the validation of passwords becomes more important for secure logging.

OTP SMS for passwords and transactional SMS API by OTP SMS service providers are considered best and trusted for genuine check-in and make transactions. 2 Factor authentication method, becomes another factor for gaining trust over the company for every access and easy use.

‘Analytix Mantra’ an SMS service provider is a one- stop solution to your every problem and now, it is making a difference in making businesses a more trustworthy and easy to access gateway for users.

WhatsApp is a platform for emerging market business

WhatsApp as is known for social media, but it is now considered as a marketing tool for business. The companies are registering themselves over WhatsApp and makes easy contact with the customers. Customers too find an easy solution to all their queries and issues over WhatsApp chat so it has now become a trend in marketing strategy for influencing business and approach towards the market.

‘Analytix Mantra’ is helping business companies emerge and grow with an influential strategy for the market. In this changing evolution of technology, it has become very important to create and maintain a balance between the customer with the brand business companies.

Choosing business over the internet and availing its service for secure log-in and secure check-out. ‘Analytix Mantra’ is a trusted company for the solution of OTP services to business companies

Transactional SMS API is a one- to- one interaction for specific users managing promotion and marketing strategy

‘Mantra’ means a magical cast that turns into an appreciating business. Analytix Mantra is always a leader in bringing a magical turn in your business with its transactional SMS API, OTP SMS API, and other services for a good business. Business is being done by a maximum of people, but actually, its strategy or its dedicated meaning is understood by some specific.

‘Analytix Mantra’ always understands the value of the business and brings business closer to the market. Business is always a game of trust and gain of the people in the market for different companies. In the latest technology era, on the one hand technology is serving us as a boon, on the other hand hackers, and fraud are using this technology for intruding and phishing.

Maintain a reliable marketing strategy

A successful business is always depending upon a good and resourceful reliable marketing strategy. Every business has to be approachable among clients with a promise of full security for money transactions, or other services. ‘Analytix Mantra’ provides the service of the transactional alert sent on mobile number assures the authentic transaction and gain trust for the company by the users. OTP alert has proven a great help in putting a check bar for hackers and phishers. OTP SMS API and for every alert assures users about an authentic gateway to the business.

Customer’s time is always a value

Proper security and assurance are the priority to be provided to the customers but time value is equally important. An easy check-out and access to a business account are created only with OTP services. From time to time promotional alerts and a special message with exclusive offers always appreciate the loyalty of business for customers and a good relationship with the company. Bulk SMS is always helping as a game changer in marketing strategy and managing the business with their clients approaching with SMS.

SMS at the right time

An SMS sent at on right time is appreciated rather than sending useless. Bulk SMS for promotional SMS is sent as per database collection. A promotion alert is sent as per the requirement basis and needs of providing the information to the customer. A rightful SMS at the right time is appreciated by the customer and also increases trust in the chosen company. ‘Analytix Mantra’ is making the best SMS alert service for the company dedicated to its valuable clients.

‘Analytix Mantra’ a dedicated company for SMS services is open for every service like transactional services, bulk SMS, promotional SMS, and other SMS services to give e-commerce and every online business trust of the market and respective clients.

Bulk SMS Service is a way to reach Millions for Business Expansion

Introducing your business to the web world? Having any idea about how to start and reach the factor of leadership? Hey! Starting an online business or any local business and introducing it to the web world is not at all an easy job; the reason is web traffic and tough competition lying all the way. Hurdles are always on the path to success but in terms of introducing new businesses to the online world and digital promotion, it is counted as a most important milestone. If there lies competition, then there lies a way to overcome this hurdle and give your business a beautiful promotion by choosing social media and mobile technology.

Smart phones have made their space in every pocket of every age group, as it has now become the need so the gadget has also been chosen for business promotion with bulk SMS services. Mobile phones are now not just restricted to phone calls, it has now become a source medium for business promotion and advertisement. Truly, introducing new business or expansion of business everything lies on the smart technology of mobile phones with bulk SMS.

Why Choose Bulk SMS?

In a competitive world, it is very important to make your business reach several hands and though there are several media of business promotion still they lack in response. Bulk SMS is considered the cheapest and smart way to describe your company and get it distributed to a maximum of people in just a single click. What does an informative SMS needs? Oh! The answer is very simple in just three steps –

  • Draft a promotional message with maximum related information
  • Make the SMS reach to bulk SMS provider
  • Just give it a click to broadcast the message

This efficient process makes your message reach the correct place that is to the millions of people and helps in advertising the message. Bulk SMS has taken place over the conventional message of business promotion and branding. As an owner of a business company will now no more pain to check for the ranking on the internet or look for influential promotion. Bulk SMS helps in overcoming every aspect of promotion and ranking.

How Bulk SMS Work?

Just sending a promotional message does not end up the job of a service provider, rather it is important to make time to time alert about the company’s promotion and latest updates. An effective potential base is carried out with bulk SMS services which help in;

  • Providing reminders whenever necessary
  • Boosting up the sales
  • Update customers in a row

Creating a lobby of customers and following up with those customers is important as well priority for every company. Bulk SMS always keeps a track record for these customers. Follow – up reminder messages or any new promotional message is time to time delivered to the customers.

Bulk SMS Service Provider

Sending bulk SMS for business promotion or branding campaigning is not to be a self-done job. In and around several bulk SMS service operators are providing bulk SMS services for broadcasting the message as email promotion, sending an alert notifications, and many more to existing clients and other clients from the database.

‘Analytix Mantra’ helps in bulk SMS services for boosting business growth and always broadcasts the message at the correct time with correct information. The company deals in SMS services for overall business growth and business development purpose for branding and promotion. The company always assures its service giving the best results in providing ranking and favorable promotion for a particular business company.

Bulk SMS Supporting the Promotional Campaign for e-commerce Business

Mobile phones are now gadgets for campaigning and business promotions. Rising competition and a tough race to stand ahead in online business groups are not so easy and possible alone with simple strategies. It needs something which is considered as best for encouraging the business promotion and it is bulk SMS as a promotional SMS. SMS has chosen and proven itself as the best technique for advertisement, branding, and promotion of a business company. A short message with complete information reaching a maximum of people in just a single click creates awareness among people. In many cases, a database of a particular group of people gets followed by particular companies for respected promotion.

SMS campaign widening your marketing database

Different products available in the market is the need of different people and these are considered customers of these products. Existing customers are aware of the products, but a promotional SMS helps them to be connected and feel privileged by the company. Rising interest in the customers and target customers is well achieved by bulk SMS as promotional SMS. The SMS is not only sent to the existing database numbers but it is sent to those who are not enrolled in an existing database. Widening the marketing database helps in expanding more customers and add more resources for business promotion.

Convenient Advertising

Keyword plays an important role in SMS campaigns, targeting respective customers. Like people searching for ‘medicine’ will get an SMS from the respect of medicine search as well as a kind of follow-up through an SMS. Keywords are always noted as the biggest challenge and a game changer in the social media promotion of online businesses. Every keyword has its convincing nature to its respective customers and a business company assures it as convenient advertising. SMS reaches a different segment of people as per their nature and their demand. Keywords help in targeting its required source of business and connecting its customers with its business.

Brand building

Building trust is for brand building and SMS helps in brand building. Using a chosen keyword for a target business means checking the brand suggested. Bulk SMS here plays a great role in brand building and managing the brands. Every brand has its requirement and also to connect with its business group. Promotional SMS helps in developing and building brand promotion or must say individual brand promotion in terms of respect to their respective customers. Brand building helps in managing the future and business terms with customers and marketing. Every brand is connected to its customer and SMS services maintains this relationship with the market and customers.

Personalized response for customer loyalty

SMS services play a great role in gaining customer loyalty. Personalized responses are welcomed for SMS services this is termed as two- way SMS services. A personalized reply to the customers upon receiving an SMS is very much likely and makes an interesting term for the business and customer relations. This loyalty gains the target audience and offers the best marketplace with the trust of customers.

‘Analytix Mantra’ is one of the recommended names in SMS services offering and it is providing its best service for promotional marketing and campaigning through SMS. An influential service under the terms and conditions of telecom companies for providing genuine service holding a promotional grip over the market is best done by ‘Analytix Mantra’.

OTP SMS is a Secure Step to Advancing the Security System

A phone beeps for a message alert and we look for the received message. “Your account has been credited XXXXXX with this much amount”; OTP received for winning exciting prizes and cash money” and many more such kinds of messages. ALERT! These are frauds and scams which are always trying to trap common and innocent people. As mobile phones are now widely used as well banking account is connected to a digital platform, so the risk of fraud and scams has also increased and it has allowed hackers to intrude on the privacy of users. Offers by the mobile company and some handful groups of advertisement companies collecting personal data information are collected by hackers and used against the consumers.

SMS Based One – time password a boon for advanced technology

The world web is proving itself as one of the most advanced technology benefiting millions of people for their uses but at the same time, it has become a hub for fraudsters and hackers. A very important aspect is to safeguard the banking system, as in the past few years it has recorded an extreme growth in fraudulent transactions.

SMS Based One – time password service is a helpful service for securing banking alerts. Many of the private SMS providing service companies are providing the service of OTP SMS for securing and safeguarding banking transactions.

Every time a customer initiates the request for payment from any portal over the web platform, an OTP SMS is sent over the registered mobile number for verification, and once the sent OTP matches from the user end and the operator end the payment is initiated. One-time password acts as a guard to set a password and gives more strength to the user password.

SMS secure for an end to end encryption

A service provider is associated with the telecom service operator for providing and initiating the SMS for verification. The module of SMS works as an end- to -end encryption which is allowed only for maximum of 10 mins and not beyond the time limit. User verification is very important in every case and so it has to be used within the period time of 10 mins by the user for a secure checkout and secure ongoing transactions. End to- end encryption does not allow anybody to decrypt or breach the message so the chances of getting hacked become very low. Every time OTP is generated to the verified mobile number and always it is verified from the user end to allow the secure transaction. OTP SMS is not just for banking transactions rather it is now helpful in accessing web accounts in the web world for secure account access.

Benefits for an organization

The web world is day by day increasing with registration of new business companies as well several organizations. Every companies and organizations have its first priority for assuring customers about the safety of data and secure login. Though Trojans are a big threat to the SMS system of mobile the top SMS service provider companies always assure to take care of these Trojans and do not allow them to prove as a threat to their dedicated web company. One – time passwords have proven a great help in gaining the trust of users as well assuring high- security alert.

‘Analytix Mantra’ is a dedicated SMS service providing company for web companies and organizations for promising the security of their users and customers. A promise of safeguarding the users and company for a better and more secure environment over the web world is always the priority and an assurance by the company.

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