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OTP SMS is a Secure Step to Advancing the Security System

A phone beeps for a message alert and we look for the received message. “Your account has been credited XXXXXX with this much amount”; OTP received for winning exciting prizes and cash money” and many more such kinds of messages. ALERT! These are frauds and scams which are always trying to trap common and innocent people. As mobile phones are now widely used as well banking account is connected to a digital platform, so the risk of fraud and scams has also increased and it has allowed hackers to intrude on the privacy of users. Offers by the mobile company and some handful groups of advertisement companies collecting personal data information are collected by hackers and used against the consumers.

SMS Based One – time password a boon for advanced technology

The world web is proving itself as one of the most advanced technology benefiting millions of people for their uses but at the same time, it has become a hub for fraudsters and hackers. A very important aspect is to safeguard the banking system, as in the past few years it has recorded an extreme growth in fraudulent transactions.

SMS Based One – time password service is a helpful service for securing banking alerts. Many of the private SMS providing service companies are providing the service of OTP SMS for securing and safeguarding banking transactions.

Every time a customer initiates the request for payment from any portal over the web platform, an OTP SMS is sent over the registered mobile number for verification, and once the sent OTP matches from the user end and the operator end the payment is initiated. One-time password acts as a guard to set a password and gives more strength to the user password.

SMS secure for an end to end encryption

A service provider is associated with the telecom service operator for providing and initiating the SMS for verification. The module of SMS works as an end- to -end encryption which is allowed only for maximum of 10 mins and not beyond the time limit. User verification is very important in every case and so it has to be used within the period time of 10 mins by the user for a secure checkout and secure ongoing transactions. End to- end encryption does not allow anybody to decrypt or breach the message so the chances of getting hacked become very low. Every time OTP is generated to the verified mobile number and always it is verified from the user end to allow the secure transaction. OTP SMS is not just for banking transactions rather it is now helpful in accessing web accounts in the web world for secure account access.

Benefits for an organization

The web world is day by day increasing with registration of new business companies as well several organizations. Every companies and organizations have its first priority for assuring customers about the safety of data and secure login. Though Trojans are a big threat to the SMS system of mobile the top SMS service provider companies always assure to take care of these Trojans and do not allow them to prove as a threat to their dedicated web company. One – time passwords have proven a great help in gaining the trust of users as well assuring high- security alert.

‘Analytix Mantra’ is a dedicated SMS service providing company for web companies and organizations for promising the security of their users and customers. A promise of safeguarding the users and company for a better and more secure environment over the web world is always the priority and an assurance by the company.

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