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The game of an OTP is an assurance of security and secure services over the internet

“A person was bankrupted by some random calls and again it is a big question over the security of internet users”; every day we hear or read such kind of news which makes us feel are we safe using internet. Yes, we are if are properly aware of each segment of online banking or using any e-commerce business websites.

Hackers and phishers are always keeping an eagle eye to crack a mistake and nab hard earned money. Technology is just like a boon to make our work easier and choose smart in using and accessing the technology.

Analytix Mantra brings a solution of VFY OTP (2 FA)

OTP is a secure identity in the world of technology evolved and assures secure logging and benefiting services over the internet. One-time-password is a generated short id with a digital number just like the cherry on the cake helping customers to secure browsing of e-commerce business or net banking.

Every customer registers their mobile number as personal data information over the e-commerce websites and banking portals. OTP alert is always sent to the registered mobile number for permission to access of accessing the account either to open the online shopping portal or banking portal.

Analytix Mantra brings VFY OTP (2 FA) for secure access and two- way verification. Once the OTP will be sent if a customer wants to enter the online shopping portal or any website, the second OTP will be sent again if a person is opening the payment portal and unless the exact numbers are provided, the access will not be granted to enter the page.

Step- to- step verification is a secure process

Internet business is a trust game for customers. The more and more secure platform a business module will serve the customers will be genuinely satisfying. Analytix Mantra helps businesses get step- to- step verification with OTP to gain top security assurance by the customers and encourage online businesses.

Make your business secure with OTP services

The promising factor today in every online business and e-commerce business website is security. ‘Analytix Mantra’ acts like a mentor for providing services to companies for making their online business successful and secure for the users. Promising services by ‘Analytix Mantra’, is for developing and promoting e-commerce business and online businesses to another level of the secure business portal for the customers.

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