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Transactional SMS API is a one- to- one interaction for specific users managing promotion and marketing strategy

‘Mantra’ means a magical cast that turns into an appreciating business. Analytix Mantra’ is always a leader in bringing a magical turn in your business with its transactional SMS API, OTP SMS API, and other services for a good business. Business is being done by a maximum of people, but actually, its strategy or its dedicated meaning is understood by some specific.

‘Analytix Mantra’ always understands the value of the business and brings business closer to the market. Business is always a game of trust and gain of the people in the market for different companies. In the latest technology era, on the one hand technology is serving us as a boon, on the other hand hackers, and fraud are using this technology for intruding and phishing.

Maintain a reliable marketing strategy

A successful business is always depending upon a good and resourceful reliable marketing strategy. Every business has to be approachable among clients with a promise of full security for money transactions, or other services. ‘Analytix Mantra’ provides the service of the transactional alert sent on mobile number assures the authentic transaction and gain trust for the company by the users. OTP alert has proven a great help in putting a check bar for hackers and phishers. OTP SMS API and for every alert assures users about an authentic gateway to the business.

Customer’s time is always a value

Proper security and assurance are the priority to be provided to the customers but time value is equally important. An easy check-out and access to a business account are created only with OTP services. From time to time promotional alerts and a special message with exclusive offers always appreciate the loyalty of business for customers and a good relationship with the company. Bulk SMS is always helping as a game changer in marketing strategy and managing the business with their clients approaching with SMS.

SMS at the right time

An SMS sent at on right time is appreciated rather than sending useless. Bulk SMS for promotional SMS is sent as per database collection. A promotion alert is sent as per the requirement basis and needs of providing the information to the customer. A rightful SMS at the right time is appreciated by the customer and also increases trust in the chosen company. ‘Analytix Mantra’ is making the best SMS alert service for the company dedicated to its valuable clients.

‘Analytix Mantra’ a dedicated company for SMS services is open for every service like transactional services, bulk SMS, promotional SMS, and other SMS services to give e-commerce and every online business trust of the market and respective clients.

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